Venezuela maintains a cultural and social identity with features of the past. From the Spanish conquest to the European immigrants and the traces of the native peoples, this country is the result of the multiple contrasts that lie between the land and the Caribbean Sea.

Venezuelans are workers by nature and fight, day after day, to remain firm. The love for the Venezuelan land goes much further, it is a commitment to leave a legacy and to form roots that always leave a place in society.

The Venezuelan culture is marked by indigenous, Spanish and African traditions that influenced the territory during its discovery. The majority of its inhabitants have mixed mixtures with indigenous, European or African ancestry.

So fascinating is the history behind this culture, that there are still indigenous communities that have maintained their existence, revealing the beauty and cultural variety that persists in the country.

The festive and cheerful character of Venezuelans is undoubtedly one of the many qualities that characterize us. Enjoying life and living with passion has been one of the engines of each of the Venezuelans to move forward in every situation.


Our official language is Spanish and although it is spoken by all Venezuelans, there are also languages ​​or dialects that are still used by the different indigenous communities in our country.

Thanks to the hispanic influence, the local and foreign languages were adapting to ours to acquire their own particularities. “Venezolanismos” are born this way, by the mixture of words, phonetic, syntactic and lexical features that gave form to the colloquial language that nowadays is handled in the streets.

For years, great changes have occurred at the language level. However, indigenous languages ​​still exist thanks to the commitment to maintain the identity of the people and the culture that gave life to our communities.


Religion plays an important role for Venezuelan society, since it has been, in one way or another, a sort of engine and basis for determining our principles and values.

The faith that predominates in the Venezuelan territory is the Catholic religion. In the heart of the capital, Caracas, and in other states of the country, you can appreciate the architectural beauty that has been present for years, today as some of the country’s patrimonies.

Venezuelan society opens up to any variety of beliefs and practices. Any type of religion has a deserved place in the territory with a wide freedom of worship, without restrictions, for buddhist, jewish and evangelical communities. Religious festivities are usually celebrated throughout the year, depending on the belief.

There are local cults, created before the arrival of the spanish peoples, such as the cult of Maria Lionza, a mythical female figure native to Venezuelan folklore. This cult comes from the legend of Yara, an indigenous princess who survived evangelization, to become: Nuestra Señora Maria de la Onza del Prado de Talavera de Nivar, better known as Maria de la Onza or Maria Lionza.

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