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Living in Venezuela is an experience as extraordinary as wandering through their lands. Adapting to any country can be a challenge, either because of its culture or its language, or simply for social-economic reasons very different from what it has been accustomed to live. But Venezuela is born to be the land of welcome of many and opens its doors to the citizens of the world, who look for opportunities to undertake and be successful in any field of life.

Venezuela is characterized by being a warm country, in every way. Its pleasant climate can be a very positive reason to spend the 365 of the year in any city in the country. Not too cold, not too hot. The average temperature of the capital, and in general, of most of the states, is of minimum 22 ° C and maximum 32 ° C during the day in summer. The nights are usually cooler, so we recommend to take a light coat with you.

Their people. Venezuelans are famous for their pleasant personality. They are people with values ​​taught from childhood, which undoubtedly put into practice in any day to day situations.

Knowing the Venezuelan culture and tradition can be a delight for anyone. Venezuela has a culture rich in traditions and manifestations that make the country, more spectacular than ever. Being part of it, of Venezuelan life, allows you to fully enter the meaning of living in a country like Venezuela.

It is a fairly cheap country, if you take as a reference the European or other Latin American countries. However, Venezuela has different offers in each of its states, accessible to every citizen looking for a variety of housing and transportation prices.

Venezuela has become over the years, a place of opportunities and development for its inhabitants and for those who want to invest their future, in an economy that grows every day. This Latin American country welcomes the citizens of the world with open arms, and with a variety of landscapes and a perfect blend of natural wealth, social and economic development, and an infrastructure that transports to the beginnings of the nation. Venezuela has become one of the best destinations in Latin America and the world. Live, feel and discover Venezuela!

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