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Venezuela is a country full of wealth and opportunities. It is one of the countries with the greatest biological diversity in the world, so adapting to any scenario is not a problem.

Among the many advantages of belonging to the body of study of this country, we can highlight the wide variety of options of universities and colleges throughout the Venezuelan territory. Venezuela offers ways to study the best careers in the world, hand in hand with the most outstanding professionals in the country.

Studying in Venezuela is a privilege for those who seek to excel at a personal and professional level. It offers facilities that make great the idea of ​​putting in the hands of the country, the future of each one of the students wishing to expand their knowledge.

Education in Venezuela is governed by a four-stage educational system: pre-school education, basic education, diversified secondary education and higher education. Each of them depends on the age range and the level that is required to reach it.

Studying in Venezuela is one of the greatest opportunities in Latin America.

Its climate, language, people, structure and educational system guarantee an enjoyable and quality education for those who seek to be first in their class, in Venezuela and the entire world

Between the most important universities of the country they emphasize:

University of Oriente

Bolivarian University of Venezuela
University Technological Institute of Valencia
University of Carabobo

Capital district:
Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigations (IVIC)
Central University of Venezuela (UCV)
Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University (UNESR)
National University E. Polytechnic of the Bolivarian Armed Force (UNEFA)
Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV)
Metropolitan University (UNIMET)
Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB)

Santa María University
Simón Bolívar University

University of Merida

New Sparta:
Eastern University
University of Margarita (UNIMAR)
Nueva Esparta University (UNE)

University of Zulia

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